Purple player is isolated in a disjoint star cluster

This game: Neptune's Pride

The purple player has only one other star apart from his starting six stars which is in hyperspace range. This seems a bit unfair and will make the early game boring for this player… then when he finally escapes, he’ll be faced with much larger empires!


That is the luck of the draw with random scatter maps. Suggest

Purple CSI research HR.

Purple CSI negotiate a tech trade alliance for mutual benefit.

A lot can happen between now and when CSI breaks out. Players can AKF or QUIT and become AI. Political landscapes can change. It could be a new galaxy with new possibilities. So you are not dead until you are dead. I say stay in the game and play on.

It’s relatively easy to ensure all home stars are connected during galaxy generation.

I’m not saying it’s the best approach, but it is an approach which should be considered.

It should be noted that in the above game CSI requires TWO levels of HR before being able to reach another player. Investing so much into HR would mean sacrificing other more useful research while still being limited to a small number of stars.

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Range 2 will give him 3 new stars but still cut off from the map. He needs range 3 to reach anyone else

Yes but also, anybody else needs range three to reach him. A small consolation.

I see Purple CSI was able to stay in the game and make a contribution to the end game.

Yep, pretty amazing how that worked out!