Q Series

@MalcolmReynolds What’s the current status of the Q series? When’s the next one happening?

Very soon. Q11 will probably finish in 9h, with Arnold Schwarzenegger winning by a factor of almost 3x the 2nd place player’s star count, in a rare trifecta finish for an alliance of 3 players who all started as immediate neighbors in a circular galaxy with close home star distance. Q12 will be created within 48h of the finish. I’ll post the link here and send out the emails as usual.

N.B., all: the Q series of NP games is in no way affiliated with QAnon, despite the concurrent rise in popularity.


non-standard rules

  • 16 players
  • dark galaxy enabled
  • custom galaxy type
  • close starting distance (via custom galaxy)
  • plentiful resources
  • 16 ticks per production
  • 1 star, 100 ships, $1000 to start
  • $25/level to trade techs with scanned players only
  • Experimentation locked at 2; Banking locked at 4; Hyperspace Range locked at 6
  • cheap Terra; cheap Scanning, starting at 4; expensive Weapons, starting at 2
  • turn-based, 8 ticks per turn, 12h deadline

What does it mean to be the quickie? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?