Novelty map based on the Quake symbol.

  • Turn based
  • 16 players (premium only, to mitigate alt accounts)
  • Clusters start L2 range apart
  • Weapons start L2 and are expensive

Join me!!


Since my favorite color/shape - Green Square - was available, I signed up … even though I bet I get squeezed in that position.


I love quake and played both Q1 and Q2 obsessively. I was a hardcore gamer back when they first came out. Building my own PC’s. I knew all about video cards and had to work hard to save up for a 3dfx voodoo card.

Making quake levels got me into game dev.

Edit: I would join but in a few too many games right now.


Yeah same here, expect it was Q1 & Q3 for me. I used to play 1v1 Q1 over a serial cable!

I made quite a few Q3 maps and a texture pack under the handle Myth. Really miss those days of Q3 mappings, although there is still a reasonably active scene.


I’m in! I also loved the Quake series, though for me it was Q1 and Q2 more than Q3. We need 9 more peoples though. :smile:


In too, still waiting for players… come on guys, you know you want it…


I’m in red square, toughest spot of all!


Oh man, your position Jay is just NASTY … not only do you have five neighbors, but orange square and yellow have nowhere else to go except through you - I thought my position was tough!


Yeah I feel bad now, I wanted to make the top of that “stalk” 3 bases long but it wasn’t working with the design as I was restricted to using 16 players (or jumping up to 24 which I didn’t want to do).

You’ll have to use to magical diplomatic skillz here Jay!


I’m sure both @Valhallan and The Silent One will see the sense of having a solid ally protecting their core empire.


This… will be interesting to say the least. Can’t wait for it to start.


Ahh yea for sure Jay @JayKyburz. You are so totally safe there. We hadnt thought about or talked about or planned anything at all. I think your best bet is to focus your fleets and defenses to your southern borders since those guys have already told me that they really hate NP2 and they have it out for you. I tried to tell them you are a really nice guy and that your game is awesome, but they just wont listen. They can only see red :frowning:


Yeah, I mean, why would we attack you, right?
We wanted to… uhh, hit @HULK.

Because… he’s green.

Did I mention we hate green?


LOL that the diplomatic jockeying has already begun before the game even starts …

And the Jolly Green Giant is incredibly offended by the discriminatory comments by @Omnimal - it’s not my fault I was irradiated with Gamma Rays and have Green Skin! :wink:

What color/shape are you in the game - perhaps I should stop by for a visit?


6 more places to fill… come on guys, look how much fun we’re having already!

You’d be a fool to miss out on a game which is likely to be talked about for years :stuck_out_tongue:


Yellow Circle.

Green be our mortal enemies.

We shall… tie you up and… paint you yellow.


Ahhhh … so Hulk now know who to SMASH!!! :wink:

And LOL that the other Green Player - SonofBlob - isn’t far from 'ya … so you will get smothered too!


2 more players needed… cmon guys… :smiley:




Yea - off we go - this should play pretty … interesting.
As an old Doom guy, I’m looking for the BFG9000! :wink: