Question about battle initiation


For armies to be included in a battle, do they have to walk into the exact location of the battle in the one hour setup time?

If I froze an enormous Immortal army 5 minutes away from a blighted city, can I sneak behind them and burn the bodies and sneak out without them fighting us? Battle summary previews show up when you’re just close to other armies.


Yes, armies must actually occupy the same location in order to initiate combat. That means:

  • Occupying the same Waypoint (crossroads between movement lines).
  • Occupying the same Step Point on a movement line. (All units move between Waypoints in twenty discrete Steps, each being 5% of the travel distance between Waypoints).

These are the only ways for units to be in combat with each other. Two armies can be one step (0.05 Leagues) away from each other all day and they will never fight.


Oooh! Thank you so much! I did not know about the 5% step points, and that also explains why the Immortal horde is exactly 5% away from the Grove I’m trying to raid.

That’s awesome, I should be able to slip in and slip out unmolested. Is there any general encyclopedia for all these facts?


It’s here, though this isn’t in there yet (I’m in the process of adding it).


Do EeeeTTttt.


It’s in there now, right above Combat.


Rock on! Thanks @DrBwaa