Question about carrier visability

If I queue up a carrier with multiple way-points, where the start-point and end-point are within another players scan range, can that other player see every destination in the queue or just the current destination of the carrier?

I’m pretty sure you only ever see the current destination of an opponent’s carrier as that’s all I ever seem to see, but I’m not sure if this is always the case and I couldn’t find explicit confirmation of this anywhere.
Apologies if this has already been asked.

Yes, that’s right. Only the current carrier routes will be shown to others.

What I’m not sure about is looping - and whether an opponent will see the dashed line to indicate a carrier is on a loop. I’m under the impression that this doesn’t show up either - but perhaps someone else can clarify.

I have never spotted another players ships looping, I assume you can’t see that either.

Thanks for the responses, it’s good to have a little confirmation of that, makes me much more confident in my plans!

You can only see the carrier’s current destination if the carrier is within scan range. You cannot see any loops or the next destination the carrier is heading to.

Also if the star the carrier came from is not in scanning range, it would appear as a black area. You will still see the carrier heading to the destination star but you will not be able to tell where the carrier came from.

…if it’s a Dark Galaxy game.

Yes that last part is for a dark galaxy game. I have had this happen once before. I thought I only had 1 guy bordering me to my north then all of a sudden I see a carrier attacking me from the east. I already knew I lost the game to the guy north of me and I didn’t expect an attack to my east. I finished up some trades then I quit the game before I was completely wiped. I also thought the guy north of me was friendly towards me so I wasn’t worried. You never know who to trust.