Question about creating a dark galaxy game


Does everyone have to have premium to play?

Also, asides from getting early warning with alliances, can you share orbit or pool research points?



Only one single Premium player is necessary to create a custom game. That Premium player who created the game has administrator powers on the Options screen, shortcut key “O”.

Custom games have a setting to either allow all players to join, or restrict to only Premium players.

Custom games without a password are User Created listed open for any eligible (either all or Premium only) players.

Custom games with a password are unlisted private, and you must either share that hyperlink & password for your friends to join, or share them on the forum.


Custom games have a setting to adjust FA = Formal Alliances .

FA allows players to mutually share scanning, only with the ally for which you paid the fee.
FA allies may visit an ally’s star to reinforce its defense. Search this forum for more information, but I think the help files cover most of it.

In FA, RP are not pooled.