Question about Messages to multiple players

I just started a new game with 64 players so I feel compelled to send messages to multiple people at the same time

But I just realized, I have no idea if they can read the messages that players are sending back in response. For example:

From: Me
To: Player X
Player Y
Player Z
Message: Let’s form an NAP

Message Sent

From: Player Y in response to that multiple player message
Message: Absolutely!

From: Player X in response to that same message
Message: No way!

From: Player Z
Message: Let’s discuss terms first!

My question, can these players all read what everyone else is saying?


Am I the only one able to see their responses?

I apologize if this question has already been asked or if it’s in the help section. I couldn’t really find anything after looking for a couple of minutes on it.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can answer my question.

If people can write in a message thread, they will also see all the messages written. If you want to have a private 1on1 conversation, you have to send separate messages.

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You can copy/paste a singular message into multiple separate 1on1 conversations to save time… But remember that if you actually want to make an alliance with someone, it helps to personalize the message and write more than one sentence. When I get a message out of the blue like “Hey, want to form an alliance?”, I’m very wary of agreeing to work with someone who can’t take the time to write a little something. It could be a sign of how the whole relationship will go.

I’m very new. So I was more concerned about group conversations and not so much spamming the same message to other players 1 on 1

Thank you for the input though

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