Question about premium access

Hey NP forums! I’ve played through two games of NP already and at this point I have to create a new account to create a new game. I’m considering getting premium. I do have a couple of questions though.

  1. If I create a game with premium that’s premium only (Dark Galaxy, Epic Galaxy, etc.), can my friends join it without having premium?

  2. What do races… do? Getting premium lets you be more races, I see. But do they give you any advantage at all?

  3. Is it worth it? In your opinion, is it worth paying $24 for a year of premium (which seems like the best option)?

Thanks for the feedback. Loving the game.

  1. When you create a game you have a choice for “premium only” or anyone can join. You would have to set it to Anyone if your friends don’t have premium account and then it will be placed on the public games section. Additionally you have an option to set a password. This will enable you to send to your friends only and ensure they only can join.

  2. Just more avatars, no benefits. In Proteus though you can choose an advantage and a disadvantage tech for the game. This will give the tech a discount and one will have an increase in price per level.

  3. Honestly I wouldn’t ever recommend playing more than 2 games at a time. I don’t think the value you get out of the membership is what makes it worth it to me. It was more my appreciation for developer/creator in a solid game that I spent a decent amount of time and enjoyment on. Making your own games is fun and if your group of friends do not have a premium account it would definitely be worth it for you.

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