Question about scan range and trade


When playing in a game where trading with scanned players only do both players have to be in scan range or just one.

Player 1 with scan-3 scans player 2.
Player 2 with scan-1 can not scan player 1. In fact in a dark galaxy Player 2 doesn’t even know of the existence of player 1. Can Player 1 and Player 2 trade?


In this case:

Player 1 could send techs to player 2 because he can scan him.

Player 2 couldn’t send techs to player 1 because he cannot see player 1.

To resply your question, they couldn’t trade. To that occur both will have to send techs.


to clarify, P1 must send enough scanning tech to P2 for P1 to appear in P2’s scanning range, then P2 could send money or other tech back to P1.


Yes Brian is right. Just send enough scanning tech so Player 2 can trade back. After both players have the correct scanning level, the trading will work like normal.


There is just one situation where even with same scanning tech you will only be able to send techs one-way: when you have a formal alliance with an empire that has scanning range to the empire you want to trade, but neither you or the empire you want to trade has scanning range of each other.

Jay said it would soon change how scanned trade works with formal alliances, so this situation may become a no-way instead of one-way.


The formal alliance trading has recently been changed so formal alliances will no longer have a trading advantage over other players.