Question on Pirates screen


I was curious how to interpret the information at the bottom of this screen.

At the bottom, where it says resources, there’s a listing of what I would think would be my opponent’s resources, and then a comparison of what I have. But those numbers don’t line up.

Also, if I pick myself in the list, those numbers don’t line up either…

My other thought is the first row is how much resources the player had at the end of the previous turn, and the “+” numbers below are the expected harvest gains this turn.

So my question is… what are the Resource numbers and what are the “+” numbers below them?


Good question and it’s not very clear. We could change “Resources” to “Resources and Harvest” or something else to make it clearer.

The top line is your opponent’s resources at the start of this turn (following harvest). The second line is how much they harvested at the start of this turn.


Great, thanks for the quick reply @IHG-BlightedPea!