Questions about waypoint delay mechanics


There is a small amount of confusion on my part as to how the delay mechanic works.

Here’s a reference image:

Does this mean that:

  1. I will arrive at L, and then wait 4 hours to navigate to K
  2. I will arrive at L and proceed immediately to K, where I will wait 4 hours to return to L

If you modify, and save, the delay time while you are delayed at a star, does the timer reset? Does it keep track of how long you’ve already delayed, and if the difference is greater, send you on your way immediately?

What happens if you set your delay to 0, and save? Will you fly out at the end of the current tick?

I searched for “delay” in the forums, but didn’t find any in-depth explanation of the system. I’d like to use this mechanic so that I start my loop at an optimal time, as I have another carrier that will be getting ready to work the star as well.

Thanks in advance.

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Click on the “Show ETA” to get the arrival times.

The delay of 4 means that
after the carrier reaches star “L”,
The carrier will drop all ships.
Then the carrier will wait 4 hours
before launching towards star “K” to carry out the action order (Collect All Ships).

Please note a carrier may arrive in a partial hour time to any given star, but the arrival is counted on that hour (game tick).
The earliest launch by that same carrier is at the start of the next hour (game tick).


Thank you for the explanation!