Queue multiple turns


In turn based games, especially in the early game it would be nice if you could queue multiple turns. There’s very little to do in early games except plot out the route for a few carriers and set your production investment (every three turns for 8 hour intervals!). If I know I’m unlikely to encounter anyone or anything early on that requires decision making, I should be able to specify multiple turns so that others don’t have to wait on me and the game can advance more rapidly.


This would hugely speed up the turn based games in many cases. Plus it would also make the smaller than 6 hour turn jumps actually playable. I really hope this could get on the list to come.

Submit button would have an input box or dropdown box next to it and you could choose how many next turns you will automatically be ready for. Once the turn goes and your counter is >0 you would instantly be ready for the new turn also.