Quick Tactical Exercises MKII

Quick Tactical Exercises MKII

A scenario designed to quickly move into tactics-driven gameplay and diplomacy with minor emphasis on technology.
Neptune's Pride

Stars For Victory 33% of all Stars
Player Type All Players
Formal Alliances Disabled
Anonymity Normal
Turn Based On
Tick to Jump Each Turn 12 Tick Jumps
Turn Deadline 12 Hours

Build Warp Gates Expensive
Random Warp Gates Common

Dark Galaxy Enabled
Starfield Hexgrid
Star Scatter Random

Stars Per Player 16 Stars, Small
Home Star Distance Far
Natural Resources Sparse

Starting Stars 8 Starting Credits $1000
Starting Ships Per Star 50 Ships
Starting: Economy20
Starting: Industry10
Starting: Science4

Cost: Economy Standard
Cost: Industry Standard
Cost: Science Expensive
Cost: Banking Expensive
Cost: Experimentation Expensive
Cost: Hyperspace Expensive
Cost: Manufacturing Expensive
Cost: ScanningVery Expensive
Cost: WeaponsVery Expensive
Cost: Terraforming Expensive

Starting: Banking Level1
Starting: Experimentation Level1
Starting: Hyperspace Level3
Starting: Manufacturing Level1
Starting: Scanning Level3
Starting: Weapons Level 4
Starting: Terraforming Level1