Quick Tactical Exercises

Quick Tactical Exercises

A scenario designed to quickly move into tactics-driven gameplay and diplomacy with minor emphasis on technology.

6 Players
Stars For Victory: 50% of all Stars
Player Type: All Players
Formal Alliances: Disabled
Anonymity: Extra
Turn Based: On
Tick to Jump Each Turn: 12 Tick Jumps
Turn Deadline: 12 Hours

Build Warp GatesL Expensive
Random Warp Gates: Rare
Dark Galaxy: Enabled
Starfield: Hexgrid
Star Scatter:Random

Stars Per Player: 16 Stars, Small
Home Star Distance: Far
Natural Resources: Sparse

Starting Stars: 8
Starting Credits: $1000
Starting Ships Per Star: 50 Ships

Starting Economy: 10
Starting Industry: 10
Starting Science: 4

Cost: Economy Standard
Cost: Industry Standard
Cost: Science Expensive
Cost: Banking Expensive
Cost: Experimentation Expensive
Cost: Hyperspace Expensive
Cost: Manufacturing Expensive
Cost: Scanning Very Expensive
Cost: Weapons Very Expensive
Cost: Terraforming Expensive

Starting: Banking Level1
Starting: Experimentation Level1
Starting: Hyperspace Level2
Starting: Manufacturing Level1
Starting: Scanning Level3
Starting: Weapons Level3
Starting: Terraforming Level1