Race Conditions

I just encountered a situation that may have behaved logically, but I don’t like it. :smile:

I was playing a single player game and had a very large army set to intercept a small zombie army 1 league away from the mana well. When I jumped 6 hours expecting to see a battle going on, I instead saw the zombie army one league over. It went around me! I sent my troops back to the well, but they were going to arrive at the exact same time (6 hours; not 5h 59m, which I have seen other times) as the zombies. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Would the game resolve my units first, showing them arrived and then resolve the zombie units causing them to hit my “defending” units (thereby saving the well) or would it go the way around (thereby losing the well). This was the very end of a hard-setting game, so I wasn’t too concerned with losing the well. Either way the units would be there at the same time, causing a fight that I would win (boss included, although without the boss I would have fewer casualties so I was hoping my units would resolve first).

I jumped forward hour by hour (it was the end of the game, so I had the valour). When I jumped forward the last hour, I was surprised to see the zombies alive without a fight going on; my troops had already moved away from the well some because of the boss zombie that causes your army to flee. That means the game resolved the zombies first (fair enough), causing the boss zombie to spawn and scare my army away. But then instead of resolving my army as being in the same location (whether I was fleeing or not wouldn’t matter, we were both there) and starting a battle, it skipped that and moved my army away first, causing no battle. I don’t like that.

It took me a few more skips and almost losing a nearby town, but I managed to slay the boss zombie (and the small ones that caused this problem) at the nearby town with a nearly equal force (that almost went very badly for me).

I think there is a bug with the Nightmare Lord’s Fear ability…

I just wrote a post here about my experience with it:

Thanks guys, I’ll write more about this when we are back from our travels.


Thanks for fixing the game join bug while traveling. I can easily wait on this for a while. Enjoy your trip.