Random Game


I have created a game using a Random Star Layout, the idea being that in circular and hex grid games the players home world locations are a predictable distance apart.
In this game the layout has been generated randomly.
(Except for a quick glance at the scatter in excel as I created these layouts even I don’t know the layout, I created 36 layouts, then chose one at random for this game)


The following are some of those 36 layouts which I created when testing this.

Come and explore the Darkness with me and lets see how this works!


So is the layout one of these? Or are they all generated from the same inputs?


Its great to see somebody playing around with the custom map settings!


The layouts show above were created using the same parameters as the game. The point is that the players have no idea what the layout looks like and there is no underplaying regularity, that you do find in circular and hex maps.