Reinstate a player?


I know this is a longshot since you’re so busy lately. But could you potentially reinstate a player in one of my games? He was playing on mobile and accidentally quit. Immediately posted saying it was an accident.

Here is the game link and a screenshot of the message.

If not I understand, but thought it was worth asking, especially since the game was just starting to heat up.

Sorry, I just don’t have an admin control panel can do it. If the game had a password you would have been able to do it as game admin.

I’ll make a note to add something for times like this in future.

Do I also need to change the resign from the game button. I’m pretty sure you have to confirm to do it? Are the buttons in the same place on mobile?

The creator of a game can hit shortcut key “O” Options to access Administrator functions to “Restore Player”, which allows you to restore players who are AFK, but not QUIT.

That’s alright. It would be a cool feature down the road, as an admin control for non-password games. The rest of the admin controls should stay in password games only I think.

As for the quit button, here’s what it looks like on my phone.

I’ve never had a problem with it personally, but maybe it’s easy to select for someone not paying attention? The buttons are in definitely in different places though.

Thanks for the response.