Renown & Badges


Hey there,

I don’t know if this has been mentioned before as I haven’t really been in the forum for long, but there is major thing that I find that lacks is the ability to see who gave you renown and badges, and any specific reasons for them.

That’s mine, but I haven’t got a clue who I got any of them from, and it would be nice give them a thank you for it.

I assume it would be possible just to drop a notification in game (through email, too?) that you’ve been awarded something, who from, and an optional reason? I haven’t a clue. Let me know!



On the top of my list is to improve this whole system and I think an email telling you that you have received a badge and who from will be good.

I wasn’t sure if people were going to like the badge system, but there are a few core players who seem to enjoy them so I would like to make a few more and make a bigger deal out of them.

Thanks for the feedback.


I would really like hover text on profiles to show badge names and what they’re for.


Yeah, I’d like to see what the badges were awarded for if I’m in talks making an alliance or going to war. It might be a nice indication of what to expect.


I must say that as regular giver of bages and renown I think it would be nice for players to know who showed then respect regardless of if they were allies or enemies. Jay, pleased to hear this is on the list :slight_smile:


Also, I would be open to new badge ideas.

And I know its tempting, but I will never include any badges that have negative connotations! Badges will only ever be rewards for good behaviour.

@Qwerty reckons that the Cheesy badge is a sign you should steer clear of a player, but I wear my cheese with pride!


:stuck_out_tongue:, sure, who doesn’t like Cheese! :slight_smile:

I buy cheese to both, those I like and those I don’t like. For example, you are the one I like! :smiley:

Anyway, I want a badge for mad scientist and puppeteer :blush:
I’ve been called those and I really like them!

And there is one which team FIST invented, I think it was something like well oiled machine for those who have overwhelming E/I/S .


Well Oiled Machine is like the Strategist one, I think.


I like the mad scientist one. You could have a test tube or Bunsen burner.


I believe I was the first to use the term “well oiled machine” and while yes, it was in reference to the Ender’s, it was really a reference to how well all three members of that team were consistently doing things such as upgrading their EIS (and distributing tech, etc.) … as I said in the game, someone should snapshot their Intel Charts because they were/are mathematically beautiful! :wink:


I’ve just noticed I have a lion heart badge. Never realised before. Would be nice to know who gifted it to me.


Was pretty much the exact point of why I made this thread!


The badges I have, I only know because the person stated that they gave them to me.


Players should now get an email when they receive a badge. Added last week.


On a similar topic, could there a way to enable giving renown in/after an anonymous game and still preserve anonymity? Maybe keep anonymous renown from showing up for a while?


@JayKyburz, should the two medals I got from you a few days ago notify as emails? If they were supposed to, they haven’t.


Nar, emails don’t go out when I modify the database directly.


Well, if somebody sends me a badge I will be more than pleased to share if the mail notification works :wink:


I received a badge in the last 24h and received no email.


I’ll go one step further and share the email with whoever wants it :wink: