Reorder and tweak formatting for custom game settings


I am trying to incrementally improve a few sets of custom game settings based on the way they played last time.

It would be much easier if custom settings were listed in the same order in the Create Game interface as they are when you click Review This Game’s Custom Settings. At present, there is a lot of jumping up and down the list in order to copy the settings over.

If any changes to those layouts are made, I’d like to suggest tweaking the Review This Game’s Custom Settings listing at the same time so that it more cleanly copies and pastes into the forum for use in recruiting players.


How about an option in finished games to copy the settings to a new game, which you could then tweek before starting a new game.


Along those lines, I would suggest that the ordered list of techs be the same when you click on Research and use the Intel Charts.

I.e. when you click on Research, the order (with numbers and explanations below) is:
But in the Intel charts, the order is