I am in one game ( ) that started a few days, I did not speak to anybody and no one has spoken to me till now… Do you want to know what he said??

“Subject: Hi!
Message: f*** YOU!”

but without stars obviously…I did not even attack this person, I have a lot of stars but that is because no one expanded so I thought everybody was going to go ai which is why I also did not talk then I just received this…

So I hope Jay will use his god like powers and print a black box on his game interface which says become a man. Otherwise, I am just going to redirect him to this post so he can publicly apologize… I am not happy.


I deleted his account. He sent the same message to another player.

That doesn’t really count as roleplaying in my book.

Thanks for letting me know.


You are fast, I find it funny how I can post a report on a forum which is not designed for reports and the player is banned in 10min… on other games when you actually report to a support team designed to handle reports it takes them still 3 days lol

Was there any indication of to why?? maybe I can avoid it in the future…


Looks just like it was a new player who was messing around.


Unfortunately, things like that show up once in a while. Glad you reported it!