Hi, I’m pretty new to this game but I ran across something in my game that seems to go against the spirit of the game. The green player, TrueDog, said he is going to be almost afk and offered to do whatever I wanted in exchange for 8 renown. At first I thought it must just be some kind of ploy and was very weary of his offer. However, it seems he has made the same offer to the pink player in the game. His renown increased by 8 and pink has been capturing his stars with minimal resistance. The reason I bring it up is because it feels as though it has significantly altered the balance of my game. Is this acceptable play?


Hi Weggles,

Thanks for the heads up. I agree its not in the spirit of the game, but this kind of stuff has been going on for a while now.

In the new game type Proteus, I have removed renown because it can so easily be gamed. Perhaps I should go back and remove it from Triton as well.

The number of badges a player has is a far better indicator of a players experience and commitment to the game.


Thanks for your reply. It is disappointing to see some players gain game winning advantages through people seeking meta game bonuses. Otherwise, really enjoying the game so far!


Yeah, I might send these guys a warning that this is not cool.


While I agree that renown can be gamed, badges even more so as all it takes is some $$$.

I personally LIKE having renown in the game since I like to pass it out to deserving players - both those than win, but more importantly, those that put up a good fight, especially newbies.


perhaps you could cap the amount of renown you can give a player in each game


Yes, that is annoying, but quite honestly all sorts of ploys are possible. Including buying “useless digital rewards…” (vis. HULK’s point is absolutely true and in general the relationship between Renown and Rank gives you some idea as to how co-operative and trustworthy a player is. If the Renown is about the same or higher than Rank, then it’s likely they will be a decent, nonstabbing player… If the Renown is much lower than the Rank, then count your fingers if you shake hands with them! You do have a remedy if you’re really incensed - buy them a toxic badge - it will mark them as a piece if work AND help to fund Jay’s genuflect Support Fund.

Weggles - you wait til you get to the cheaty AIs, who magically upgrade and trade their tech and send carriers to stars they can’t see!