Request for a 'Loop' Turorial


Hello, I really really don’t understand how to use the loop feature. Is there a video tutorial that explains it to someone as newbie as me?



It’s fairly straightforward: after selecting your waypoints, click “enable looping” and the carrier will loop from your first waypoint all around to your last and then start for another loop. So if you want your starting system in the loop, this should be your last waypoint.
Select “save & edit” to order the carrier to pick up or drop ships.


Just imagine this: in a loop, when your first waypoint is reached, it will automatically reappear at the bottom of the waypoints list, exactly the same.

So, if you have A, B, C in a loop, when A is reached your waypoint list will become B, C, A, then when B is reached it will become C, A, B and so on.