Resequence Fleet Order Action list?


the ACTIONS drop down list is as follows


Do Nothing 
Collect All 
Drop All 
Collect All But 
Drop All But 
Garrison Star 

Sometimes I wanted to drop a number of ships, not collect.
I am going in a hurry and misclick, and my orders were saved in an undesired choice. :frowning:
It can be slightly confusing when the collection concepts are intermingled with the deposit concepts.
I suggest re-sequencing the ACTION drop down list as follows :

ACTION : ( resequenced ) 

Collect All 
Collect # 
Collect All But 
Do Nothing 
Drop All But 
Garrison Star 
Drop # 
Drop All 

This way it seems that the spectrum of choices makes a more intuitive progression,
similar concepts transitioning from one command to the next.

In my mind, up is toward the carrier, and down is toward the star.

This does not solve the problem of someone misclicking on the mouse,
but the flow of thought is smoother and could reduce mistakes.


makes sense to me. I will put it on the Todo list. Thanks!


Good suggestion from xjhdexter

Another minor cleanup/ordering issue that I’ve mentioned before is making everything consistent with techs. I.e. right now, if you click on Research, the table (and explanations below) are ordered as:
Scan - Hyper - Terra - Exp - Weapons - Banking- Manu

However, if you click on the Intel Charts, the order is:
Weapons - Banking - Manu - Hyper - Scan - Exp - Terra

And if you create a game, the order is:
Terra - Exp - Scan - Hyper - Manu - Baking - Weapons

Tweaks to create game options

just piggybacking here to mention that if you hold the DOWN ARROW while selecting a waypoint, it creates DROP ALL order! Can save some time with that.


@gavinmartintayl - that’s awesome! Can’t believe I didn’t know that one.

Is there also one for “do nothing”? I’ve just checked the shortcuts screen and it doesn’t look like there is. It says holding the up key does collect all, but that’s the default command anyway… having up as “do nothing” would be really useful I think.


You can change the default to ‘Do nothing’ if you want.