Rethinking the draw mechanic


so I still have yet to lose a game of blight, (although a pretty nasty error is making that a distinct possibility) even on nightmare.

One thing I feel that is very strong is the play a card/get a card mechanic. It allows for players to snowball mid/late game far more effectively than the undead meaning they can easily come back from being behind within the right deck and draw.

What if you only drew 1 card every x hours up to x cards? you could still spend 2 Valor to draw a card, but you would no longer draw a card whenever you played one.

Perhaps some cards would still replace themselves, but it would be an ability like Lurker.

Just a thought.


We have a task somewhere in the list which is to remove the auto draw mechanic and the only way to draw a card into your hand will be to pay 2 valour to pull it from your deck, or 2 valour to pull a new card for your collection from the store.

I like the idea because its actually removing a mechanic from the game.


Brutal. I like it. That sounds like it’ll give the game a nice boost difficulty wise.

curious to see how that would change early gameplay, especially if your starting hand sucked.

Even just starting with 5 cards but not having the auto draw kick in until you had <3 would be cool.

uhhh that’s “less than three btw”


I haven’t found the auto-draw mechanic to be particularly abusable since the addition of the deployment limits. Honestly I rarely even draw the automatic cards except for maybe one or two at the start of the game. Typically it’s much better to buy cards from your deck with Valour than it is to spend Gold and a Deployment timer for the same thing. And once you’ve drawn a few extras, you rarely drop back down to the 5-card hard anyway.

So I’m really not sure what the problem is that this is intended to solve. By the time you have enough deployment points and Gold to make digging through your library with the automatic draw viable, you almost certainly have enough Valour to use that instead.

My main concern is that this change might alienate new players for little clear benefit. When I started playing, I certainly felt like drawing cards with Valour was a “last-ditch” sort of maneuver. Getting my hand replenished automatically felt much more comfortable. Even though making Valour the only source of new cards would certainly legitimize it somewhat, I worry that it would also exacerbate some extant pain points for new players.

  • Building up Valour is already a problem for new players, who instinctively want to build up strength before fighting anything.
  • New players often avoid deploying cards anyway. They want to try out their base units rather than buying into a new TCG.
  • This leads new players who unknowingly pick hero-heavy races to have an extremely difficult time contributing.
  • If all cards cost Valor, new players may avoid playing cards even more than they already do, because they feel like their cards are a limited or late-game resource. This would presumably lead to more bad experiences and lower player retention.


All these issues is why it’s buried as a low priority thing that it needs thinking about some time in the future.

This is what I was thinking, and i thought that if it was the only way to get new cards, then players would not feel this way - but as you say it would need to be trained in the tutorial.


I agree, for some players it would certainly legitimize it as a “good thing to do.” But I worry that there’s another large group who would have the opposite reaction. Training it in the tutorial would obviously help a lot… but I know that a large number of first-time players have never touched the tutorial (I’m playing a bunch of the public, Normal difficulty games as “research” right now). Which reminds me of something else I was going to suggest in the approachability thread:

The tutorial should probably be mandatory, or at the very least it should be heavily suggested. “It takes ten minutes and you get free cards” would be good to mention somewhere. Players trying to join a public game who haven’t completed the tutorials yet should maybe be prodded to do so first. You can get away without reading the tutorials in a lot of games, but I think it would help our retention if more people had a better grasp on the mechanics before starting their first game.


Hah, just yesterday I changed the flow of the game so that after you create your account you get taken right into the first tutorial without stopping at the main menu.

We’ll see if it does better.

(not deployed yet.)


As a new player going through my first games (thanks to DrBwaa). I think the card replacement is pretty important, valor can be hard to come by early on and you need the edge, plus I didn’t really know what any of the cards would do and wouldn’t know what to grab,

I would say that after playing harder difficulties, and getting a few more cards in my collection. I do see the appeal of making it more challenging to get cards out of the very optimized decks you can build :).


We shelved this idea after we added the card deployment cool-down. We were going to make it 1 Valour to draw cards and no auto redraw, which could be a more interesting tuning point - as you said @DrBwaa after you start drawing cards you often don’t go back below 5 in your hand. The result would for the large part be cheaper drawing.

The idea was also to simplify the rules around drawing cards, so you would always have to pay to draw, not only if you have 5 cards or more.

I think if we added it we could also consider other changes like discarding cards and pushing cards to other players, as there wouldn’t be the opportunity for griefing or gaming it.


Yeah my thought was that the game could still use some difficulty boosting. Most Co-op board games are actually VERY difficult to beat and I think that that’s a really good thing,because it gives you a much stronger feeling of accomplishment when you do.

limiting card draw I figured increased the value of spending Valor to draw which also makes it less available as a source for gold/mana production.

I just think that putting players in a situation of forcing to choose between saving up Valor for that extra gold/mana or drawing another card seems like a great way to promote resource management.

plus if it gets dropped to 1 Valor a card that’s not too big of a change.

I’d be happy to see even just the threshold dropped to like 3 before auto redraw kicks in.


Personally, my next plan for difficulty-boosting is to try to win some big Nightmare games without buying cards with Hero Coins (except Volunteers). That’s the big crutch for me, as it’s completely “free” in terms of in-game resources. Until I find myself consistently winning Nightmare games where no one’s spending Hero Coins to draw more cards, I won’t be convinced that the game is too easy.


I don’t like that mechanic at all. I think drafting should all be done outside of games.

edit: I like random heroes showing up to save the say… I don’t like being able to draw extra cards with hero coins… too p2w


It’s a bit of a weird mechanic, certainly. I do like the idea of getting new cards more organically during play though. Maybe change it so that the card is still added to your collection, but you don’t get to play them? Or they’re added to your deck instead?