Returning Player!


Hey NP2 Players!
gmtrack, now x_Molotov, is back in action!
I have been busy with life, family and studies, but now I got some free time to start playing one of my personal favorite games again!
The statistical and strategical attractiveness, along with the diplomatic and roleplaying parts, come together to make an amazing game, and amazing gameplay it is!

How is everyone doing? I let myself go, in one too many games at the moment, but trying to slow down ;).
Might start a roleplay public game soon, maybe turn-based? I have been looking for an active turn-based for awhile!
Right now, I am playing under two names, xMolotov, and HiveMind, each different profiles, but I love how HiveMind is turning out.
Have a great evening NP2 Community!


Welcome Back!




Welcome! Though I guess I’ve already said it. :relaxed: