Revival-help test 4 player-FULL

Hey this is my first map and would like to see how it goes. Let me know how I can improve it.

A super virus has ravaged the
galaxy. All surviving races have retreated to the center and walled off the
rest of the infected universe–using an immense amount of resources in the
process. In order to keep the peace, a treatise was formed that limited ship
production and banned weapons research. Now, after eons behind the wall, there
is no trace of the virus…repopulation is on the lips of the races and old
rivalries are rekindled…

Four player square:

[[1, 1], [1, -1], [-1, 1], [-1, -1]]

Gates: Cheap/ Rare

Stars: 1

Start Distance: Far

Start Infra: 5/10/3

Start Cash: $1500

Resources: Sparse

Expensive Industry

Start Tech:

       Terra 3

        Scan 3

        Hyper 2

       Weapons 5

Tech Cost:

        Cheap Terra

       Expensive Weapons
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I would play this game’s face off.

Interesting map … I’d play this if turn-based …

I just joined, it’s Real Time and Premium only!

Isn’t 4v4 8 people?

Yep…your right.

Should have said 1v1v1v1!

Are we full up already? I’m in next time around if I can get in on time!

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