Reward for high score leaders


just came to my mind: What about a daily (coin) reward for the players being first place on high score?
Maybe something like that:

  • 1st for a period of n in normal, gives all players 1 hero coin
  • 1st for a period of n in hard, gives all players 2 hero coin
  • 1st for a period of n in nightmare, gives all players 3 hero coin

So, playing through and reaching the top can be a team vs team competition outside the map not disturbing the co-op spirit of the game, but create a new element in the lobby.


I think it’s a cool idea. Kind of like making every maps own leaderboard a kind of tournament.

And if you can own the top spot for a while it’s kind of like having a regular income of coins!

Even if we didn’t do it with Hero Coins, we could make some kind of new resource, perhaps called Renown or something like that. Shows that you own the leaderboard!


Exactly. HC just because we have no other resource. But wait. It could also something like that: For every period of n, a pot sums up. After 1 week there are 5HC in the pot. The team now reaching 1st place will get the pot. But as long as the top team can hold the position, they may get a buff in their active games giving them 1% more gold/mana/valour income or whatever a buff can influence without killing the balancing (to much).