Rings of Death: Brawl- full


Please join!



Yo, thanks for the advertisement. Never think to post games here.

The first game I ever played was with this format and it was actually really fun. Map looks like this if you’re curious, though the exact placements will be randomized.


Yw :slight_smile:
I was wondering how that was going to work. Looks like fun!


Why your phone is always low bat in the screenshots?


That screenshot if from months ago lol. And usually its low because I’m out and about all day. I check the forum when I get out of classed in the afternoon, and post screenshots that I take then when my phone is low.


19 more players needed


8 more seats!


3 more :slight_smile:


Judging from the screenie that TLH posted up there, this game is gonna be nuts.



Which probably means my quick death. Oh well