Roadmap or further development?


Just wondering if this game is still being worked on? Not really had much happen apart from a few small maps last year. My friends and I enjoy it a lot but the maps are slowly becoming a bit repetitive. There are about 10 who play but we need to take turns of dropping out as we cant all play together. New maps or even a map editor (big ask I know) would be great.


Well. Guess that answers that! :slight_smile:


Heh. You might have a little more luck finding the devs in the Discord, but yes I think you’ve got your answer for the time being :wink:


Sorry, not sure why I didn’t get notified of this thread?

But yeah, unfortunately we don’t have any plans right now to do more work on the game.


I have been enjoying the game as a player for a short time now few games/months. I can somewhat relate to this thread a bit, but at the same time you dont break whats working or however that saying goes. Bit of marketting wouldnt go a miss. I found it by fluke. Cheers


I would love to know how you found it.

Do you have any good ideas for marketing (Other than just spending money on Facebook or Google ads)


well to answer your main question theres much better ways to get on to peoples radar quicker and im not the expert but i reckon anyone can do it. facebook is great to generate a buzz for anything but mainly requires some time which as you all know is hardest to come by what with day jobs and such. paying for ad space will get you some views at the product but doesnt really garentee any attention from the customer. Facebook itself is a great way to get to the masses but in form of a page itself rather then ad space. attracting customers and keeping them excited about whats going on can sometimes be a job in itself. not knowing exactly what your already doing i can only make suggestions. but for starters maybe some spend on optimization or whatever they call it of your main game site. when i type space startegy game nothing about NP will show, atleast not in top results.


after eventually searching role playing, space startegy and such I found a youtube video from ages ago about NP but this was me looking for something for idle hands. i had also played for long time games like War of Nations and Travian so my searching would have lead me to NP at some point anyway.

i have found the group of players who play on regularly are smart older and wiser people with little time. this is great offcourse but more the players find themselves at your main page more of the kind of players we want can be found. everything lies in the numbers just like ship counts and weapons tech. get more people here more will stay and play if they are worthy.


development: spectator mode. shows players scanning of each other. what they can see we can see. great for tournments


Disappointing to learn that this is a dead game. It looked promising. I was considering paying for a premium subscription, but if the developers have abandoned it, I obviously won’t be spending money.


I havn’t abandoned anything! I think you’ll enjoy the game if you give it a try!


Well to be honest it seems a bit dead. The game is pretty good and my friends and I still play it now and again but there is has been no development in a long time and we play it less and less. Needs more maps especially to keep it interesting but it could also do with some new ideas too. Doesn’t seem like that will happen any time soon. Am I wrong?


Not wrong, things are very slow. I just don’t like to be accused of abandoning it.

Right now I have taken a really big step back and thinking about how to “repackage” the game so that it might be more successful and can be sold in stores such as steam and humble more easily. The game is just too weird, people just don’t get it, or don’t like it.

I really appreciate that you and your friends do like it, but I need to do better if I want to stay in business.

This probably means rebuilding the game in a real game engine like Unreal or Unity, adjusting the game rules to be more suitable to a really solid single player experience, and make the multi-player self hosting.

I quite like the game rules, but I think the presentation is kind of weak, so that’s what I’m thinking about mostly.