Role-Playing race info

When I am looking at all the different people playing the game and I see one that is not regular and so there for custom I would like to be able to click on it to see more about the race. So let’s say that when you create a custom race you would be able to put in your own text and story, well then others should be able to also see what you wrote instead of “Oh, it’s a funny picture I wonder what that race is like. Maybe they are space slugs?” When they are in fact a group of very advanced robots with a green-oily skin. I just think that it would add another layer to the game.


Im not sure if this is the right place to do it but, was the best i could find for it, so here i go:

1-In the game selection menu i see turn-based galaxy high-lighted which is a good thing (checking options is kinda boring but very much needed to avoid overpowered noob start games lol) i would like to see something like Role-Play-Friendly in some matches so it would be easier to amass those players around and really go deeper in character xD, im saying that because the diplomatic mind set approach on and off character are very different it seems… it brings color and lots of possibilities (sometimes at the cost of logic lol), without roleplay there is a lot of silence and pragmatic talks (im ok either way) but when ‘‘playstyles’’ gets blended/mixed roleplay always lose, like cant stay in character all the time or who wants to make an alliance with a capitalist psycho robot ? john 25 years old lives in Kentucky probably never, but johns character a mad psycho scientist may open a friendly chat talking about how it is fun to electroshock humans and see how they beg, cry, bleed, piss and contort (i let myself go here, sorry !), so it kinda pales/curdles the game experience when roleplay gets discouraged or dont go to the very end with that feature we make sure +/- that all players in that match are commited xD !

2a-To add with AlbecoSound thoughts, beyond races to choose put some ‘‘non-obvious’’ or ‘‘non-personality’’ stuff (crap ! i dont know the word i have to use here lol !) example:the hive, the shadow council or the syndicate or the collective… when races are used i assume that everbody is at least a general when not a emperor or something too high and too important that represents the whole race, that thought kinda gets frustrated when same race gets chosen multiple times which leads to…

2b-Alias stuff could have some sort of ‘‘titles’’ to choose like: ambassador, envoy, captain, lord, high priestress etc… most of that i believe the player can write himself but im not sure if all is possible due to space,letter,numbers to use or just 2 places to write like Title------------- Alias------------- something like that !

Obs: 2a and 2b might work together/separated/mixed depending on the view Jay&Team (i dont know everbody sorry !) have of the lore (the lore people produces some cool stuff, narratives etc…) 2b-could be a reward rank system idk its important to keep a fan of options open xD !

Obs2: About 2a i was referring to image/icons (Shadow Council example: its easier to handle a bunch of aliens with cloaks without showing what race they belong), but i read in another post that in a near future a race bonus/trait/stuff system might be implanted, if true please disregard suggestion 2a.


Some cool suggestions.