Round #1 of 1v1 Dueling Tournament


If weapons were set higher, that would effectively lock them at that level (since it would be almost impossible in a 1v1 game to get enough science to advance them) … plus this dilutes the defensive advantage. I think setting them at Level3 is about the “sweet” spot - researchable with some work and enough to a reasonable edge to the defense.

Looking at the games, we have @MurasakiNoKaze over @HipsterFleet and @Krym over @TheLastHero.

@nick.muzzio and @SuperDave are really having a duel - am guessing you are up to at least Cycle4? My game with @Fafa_power is moving along slowly (we just finished Cycle2) and I’m trying to shake things up by doing some HULK SMASH! :wink:


Hulk…next move will by Cycle 4.


Dang reading this thread makes me feel like I def missed out! Would gladly enter the next tournament!


Our game lasted for 13 cycles so I would plan on a bit of a wait before round two


@Tr0n : I’ll setup another tournament after this one.

@TheLastHero : turn-based games with just two players can move super-fast … like done in ONE day if both are submitting quickly. Remember there’s no diplomacy involved, so you don’t have to wait for other players. So basically becomes a game of “flip-flop” … you submit to advance the turn and make your next moves and submit. Then the other player logs in and does the same.


I understand how it works, my own game progressed very quickly, and finished 13 cycles when the other two are at cycles 2-4. Was merely suggesting at the rate the last two games are progressing, they will probably take a while.


I believe Nick is busy as he only submits 1-2 moves/day and only waits for me to submit first. It keeps the anticipation going, but it also means we will be slower than others.


My game was 11 cycles but only because HipsterFleet conceded defeat. Otherwise I estimate it would’ve been ~15


in a 64 player game right now thats heating up. my allies have met with enemy forces from the north. spending what time i can to help them secure a lead. keeping my second slot open for touney so can put some effort in my 64 slot now. ready and keeping eyes out here


Sorry @SuperDave, trying to get in turns faster, just only have so much time in a day to play.


I’m a fan of games moving along as much as the next person … but I totally respect that RL is more important than NP … and the great thing about turn-based (which is all I play) is you don’t have to login all the time … and you can sleep! So take your time to make the “right/best” moves!

It looks like @nick.muzzio is slightly behind … but I’ve learned the hard way never to underestimate him! :wink:

@Fafa_power and I are almost done with Cycle3 … but he just got Experimentation - cool that he also is trying this approach … so things could get interesting for the Jolly Green Giant!


@HULK your range2 is putting you in a good position for control of the galaxy. Made a few stupid moves. Tried to buils few carriers, but perhaps that wasn’t the smartest idea…
Yes took the experimentation road, hoping the dice gods will be on my side !


I’m enjoying the 1vs1 battle. I learned a lot in my fun game vs HULK a couple of weeks ago and am applying those lessons to this one. I miss the diplomacy of a team effort, however, the strategy in an individual mirror galaxy is intriguing. Your advantage against a strong player is minimal. You get ahead by making little gains add up slowly. I have to admit I usually change my moves several times each tick before settling on the final choices. I like the strategy Nick and I are both deploying–it’s very similar in concept. I’m not sure how it would work in other galaxies with more areas of conflict, but I think it should do well especially if it is fine-tuned from lessons from this one. As such, whichever one of us wins should make a tough player for the next round. I’m hoping to win, but, if I lose, you can be sure that I will strategize with Nick before the game is through to point out what I think we both could have done better to aid him for the next round.


Considering whoever wins fights me, it’s a shame you can’t go for a double knockout :stuck_out_tongue:


You can fight me now and we can remove you from your quandry :blush: tehee fighting talk

we actually had like three points of attack through the middle of our galaxy. are we likely to play a map again. to be honest I dont want to fall to Hulk lol


Haha, I need to work on my trash talk


he too beast, he shouldnt be here this for us small fishes to earn our stripes… or is that tigers :slight_smile:


Puny Human @MurasakiNoKaze trash talk of “double knockout” was funny.

Hulk is monster of few words: Don’t make me angry, GRRRRRRR, HULK SMASH!!!


Well good game @SuperDave! You play super aggressive yet careful. A very nice balance. Good luck in the next round!

PS the experiment gods suck!


It was a pleasure battling you @nick.muzzio! Be warned to all others that play him in the next tournament. He was tough in this one, but I’m certain he will be doubly so in the next one.