Round #1 of 1v1 Dueling Tournament


Congrats @SuperDave and I’m sure @nick.muzzio put up a spirited battle!

@Fafa_power and I are just past Cycle3, so while waiting for us, should we start the other round #2 game?


Hulk----I’m ready to battle @MurasakiNoKaze whenever he is. I’ve learned from my game with Nick that being a little slower in making a move (i.e. more time to ponder) actually works well for me. As such, we won’t race ahead of your game that much.


The official tournament game of @HULK versus @Fafa_power is only up to Tick #80 … so might be a while.

I’m actually playing a side-game with @HipsterFleet tha we started yesterday - already up to tick #96. I’ve got a bit of an advantage, but he has lots more Science plus Experimentation, so that has me worried - you can see it here.

Speaking of that, I’d like to let the game develop a bit more so Science (and general strategy) has more time to develop. I’m already using 32 stars/player and FAR distances … so can’t make the galaxy bigger for a 1v1 … but am thinking for round #2, would you guys be interested in doing a 2v2 with an ALT account?

I.e. it would still be ONE player versus another … but it will be a 4-player galaxy, so each of you will play 2 accounts. I’ve done a few of these games and they really are rocking with some major back-n-forth (@nick.muzzio and I are actually doing a 3v3 right now).

As the players who are advancing to round #2, @SuperDave, @MurasakiNoKaze, and @Krym, what would you prefer?

If you guys want to do the same format as round #1, we can do that.
But it would be rocking for round #2 to be 2v2 … and maybe the championship is a 3v3! :wink:


is that an option? vcool. am open to whatever the plan


Hulk this is why I started adding AI’s to team games was to give the game more time to develop and give more room. Problem is not all AI"S fight evenly depending on the personality it gets. Could always have dummy accounts that just sit there?


I’m open for doing the next round as a 1+1 vs 1+1. It’d add more complex play on multiple fronts which I think would be enjoyable.


I’m down with whatever


@HULK. I see the results of your side game with @HipsterFleet. I see where it is lopsided already. Was it another case of a player who goes for science vs you going hard on industry and ship count? The key is to come up with a system where a player can use a diversified approach and do well or the key is to make sure everyone plays the same approach. Otherwise games will be too easy for those who understand what to emphasize.

@nick.muzzio and I both played our game like it was a “fixed-weapons, go for industry as the key” type of game. It worked well and was tight initially and very exciting. It began to diverge because I did Man 2 and then straight to Man 3 as my sciences while Nick did Exp (which opened Man 2 for him later) and then Terra. By the time he realized that I never took the pedal off of industry emphasis, it was too late to catch up. My extra 100+ ships took over his best planets and it then became 200+ more ships than him and kept going. His experimentation bump was meaningless at that point.

If we did a 1+1 vs 1+1, can a player who goes for diversified science on both his players and trades with himself defeat a player who emphasizes industry for BOTH versions of him and forgoes science for the most part? I think that is the test to see if the format is fair to all style of play.


So @HipsterFleet and I just finished … and at the end, we had exactly the same amount of Science (8) … but mostly because I piled on at the end. He had finished Weapons4 a few turns before the end … but it was too little, too late. Whereas I had just recently started research Weapons and was 80/648 points … plus if you look at our relative techs, we were even except I had Banking2 and Manu3 … whereas he has Exp2 and Weapons4 … both of which are also expensive techs.

So yea, I think if a larger galaxy, his decision to do more Science would have paid dividends … but he just ran out of time.

Best way to find out is to try it … and sounds like everyone is agreeable to doing a 2v2 for round #2 of the tournament, so I’ll set it up!


My minds is going to get blown away doing this round 2. Very cool


Otherwise games will be too easy for those who understand what to emphasize.

Isn’t that how every strategy game is?
The game shouldn’t be made easier for those who don’t understand how to play.
Besides, it’s not so much what to emphasize, it’s when to emphasize it, too early or too late will lose you the game.
This game requires both an overall strategy and more importantly impeccable tactics.
It’s not so much whether your approach is a good one, it’s more whether it’s appropriate or not.
It’s pretty simple really, if you have a lot of border to defend, don’t dump on science, defend your border.
Look at your map and ask yourself what you would do to beat your opponent if he did what you want to do.



While Fafa and I are still playing our round #1 game, I’ve got the upper hand, so assuming I end up winning, we took the liberty of starting the round #2 games rather than hold things up. We decided a bigger galaxy had merit (hoping Jay will re-enable EPIC (64 stars/player) galaxies), so the only way we could do that was a “2v2” format - each player also plays with an ALT account.

@Krym and I actually played an entire game due to fast submits which I ended up winning. We agreed that a little more cash would make for a more interesting game, so we bumped it up to $1,000 … and started another game! I suggested even though I had won the first game (for the tournament), how about lets play 2 outa 3 to see who advances since we had the time … and good thing because he is putting some HULK SMASH on the Jolly Green Giant in that game. I went with more of a Science strategy, and Dr. Bruce Banner has so far been almost worthless with Exp Hits - in an angry rage, the HULK has SMASHED all his test tubes!

@SuperDave and @MurasakiNoKaze have started their round #2 game with the former taking more of an Indy strategy and the later leaning more on Science. WIll be interesting to hear from them how that plays out.

The winners will advance to the Finals - maybe for round #3, we’ll do a 3v3! :wink:


I have made my first critical mistake T.T


@Fafa_powerhas has graciously conceded our round#1 game. so the Jolly Green Giant is officially in round2.

@Krym and I are now up to Cycle5 and it’s a major battle - the Jolly Green Giant is making a bit of a comeback, but still behind in ship count - see stats below. @Krym has launched two major assaults against me so there will be some major carnage next turn!
Stars - Econ/Indy/Science - Ships
HULK: 77 - 64/57/22 - 932
Krym: 61 - 47/55/22 - 1047

In terms of tech, we are even except he has Scan3 and I have Terra3. Plus one of my players just finished Exp2 … so guess what the OTHER player just got an Exp hit on … yep, Exp - GRRRRR!!! Both players are presumably racing to finish Weapons4.

I’ll let @SuperDave and @MurasakiNoKaze comment more on their game, but from what little I can gleam, @SuperDave seems to have a slight lead - perhaps due to the mistake (we all make 'em) that @MurasakiNoKaze alluded to above.


If you wanted, you could concede also and give us enough time for a 3rd fight :slight_smile:… the chicken sacrifice has finally paid off. and i get to eat also


Yea, your chicken sacrifice to the Experimentation Gods appears to have paid off - how did you get Weapons4 so soon?

Having said that, the HULK likes a challenge … and now you have him ANGRY … and when HULK gets ANGRY, he SMASHES!!!



god dangit. thought id get off easy. well i been switching to weapons throughout with my main player with science, possibly why im behind on terra and exp but decided maybe worth it 8hr points add up. also got 72points on it during a cycle. with the player that had the science. so some luck involved. other guy got Manu in few hour also. working hard to win you Hulk, you dont ever waste a second chance. sincere aplogise for waiting times.


@Krym and I had a serious, serious battle … but the Jolly Green Giant eventually pre-vailed. Sounds like he is playing a 64-user game (those are exhausting), so I’m thinking his Space Marines were a bit weary as @Krym is a worthy opponent and had me on the ropes early on.

@SuperDave and @MurasakiNoKaze are still battling in their semi-final match … and from what I’ve heard, it’s a pitched battle. I’m happy to let my Space Marines take a well-deserved rest so they’ll be in tip-top shape for whoever emerges from that carnage-fest.


FYI that thanks to Jay, I can now create 1v1 EPIC (64 stars/player maps) … this is … welll … EPIC! :wink:

There’s the occasional strange map - check out the HUGE hole in the middle of this one … but I was able to create some serious slugfest maps like this one - WOOT!

If the winner of the other semi-final match is up for it, maybe we’ll do the 1v1 Finals on an EPIC map!


Wow! Now that’s a 1vs1 map! It may be awhile before @MurasakiNoKaze or I get to enjoy it against you. Our game is currently going slower than the pace it was at last week. We both have weapons 4 and nearly equal ship/hour production and similar level of science so the battle to take planets will be challenging.