RP Premmie-TurnBased


g’Morning chaps!
I have been looking for a custom turn-based game, where it is Premmies only, so the game will go fast, with some Roleplay added into the mix?
I am figuring out how to do that, but will get back to you all!
If you already have a game, please, I would def. appreciate an invite!



ATTENTION! A game has started!
It is a premmie, turn-based that is turnbased.
The password is CacheMoney.
Please do not join if you like leaving games.

where it is Premmies only, so the game will go fast

I rly have made the opposit experience ;).


If you are interested, I can try to forge a nonpremmie game :slight_smile: so non subbed people can join.


if you want, join the Barren Wastelands, we need 6 more players there!


Nah I stay with the 64 games for the moment. But thanks for the offer.


Join up!


I’m really curious if anyone would admit to that :neutral_face: