Ruler bug: wrong distance and travel time between carrier and star departed

I notice a bug where the ruler reports incorrect travel time for some of my carriers that departed a star the previous turn. Turns are 6 ticks, and the ruler shows 2.000 ly of distance was traveled, but the travel time is reported as 7h.

Using the javascript code in this thread I discovered that the exact distance was greater than 2 ly (2.0002312207268576), so I figure that must be the problem. Note that I found this inconsistency on various combinations of carriers and the stars they departed from, and I am certain it is not because I selected to measure from carrier to carrier; it happens even when there is no carrier very close to the star, and the exact distance reported in the javascript console may be slightly more or less than it should be.

Game number: 5640726277521408
Browser: Chromium 81.0.4044.113
OS: Manjaro (Arch Linux) release 20.0