Ruler doesn't estimate warp speed for fleets


As far as I can tell in Firefox on Windows 7, the ruler tool’s warp gate ETA feature does not work work when measuring the distance between a moving carrier and a star.

As you’ll notice on this screenshot, the warp ETA and the base speed ETA are the same.


Carriers attain 3 times normal hyperspace speed when warp gate accelerators are built at BOTH the origin star and the destination star before the warp jump begins.

If while any carrier is flying at warp gate accelerated speed, and either one of the warp gates is destroyed, then that carrier reverts to normal hyperspace speed. This tactic is useful to slow down an enemy carrier when it is trying to capture your warp gated star.


In fact, the gates do not have to be in place when the carrier begins moving for warp gates to affect the travel speed for a traveling carrier if they are built later on.

That’s why it would be handy for the ruler to estimate the warp gate travel time for carriers that are already moving in order to help me decide if I want to build gates to get it there quicker. Sometimes do this in order to respond more quickly to an enemy attack, and sometimes I do it to mislead an enemy who sees that I’m moving a fleet to my frontlines but doesn’t realize that I have the resources to build a gate.

(I do think the ruler is designed to do this and just isn’t quite working)


I can confirm it works properly in Chrome, the base and warp speeds show differently. Tested on stars with and without warp gates (not that this should affect the ruler tool anyway).


Just to be sure @Myk – are you using the ruler to measure between two stars or between a carrier that is moving another star?


Oh I see… I get the same outcome as you then.


Thank you @PandaBear and @xjhdexter for working with me to improve this bug report.

I have tweaked the wording in my original post to hopefully be clearer about the issue.


YES ! Now I see the bug that you are talking about. The “V” ruler does not measure “Warp Speed Travel Time” when one of the end points is a carrier.


Ok, thanks guys. Good bug spotting! I will see if I can get to this next week some time!