Rules on Profanity?


I’m a relatively new player, having looked around and searched, I haven’t found too much information on what is considered acceptable ingame language and what isn’t. I was wondering what (if any at all) the rules are in regards to this.

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:


Go to the HELP section, and then read the FAQ . If it is severe, then send an email to Jay. Screenshots can be helpful.


Thank you very much for the rapid reply, I do not have a severe case as you mentioned. Just some haggling. :slight_smile:


Some players here will role play as an imaginary fictional or fantasy character. Expect some scum and villainy in this game. Everything can be up for negotiation.

War is about disrespect, so sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference.
If you are not sure about a player, then challenge him to clarify. Most players are here to have fun, and each player has their own preference or expectations on what is humor.

A small number of players can be genuinely verbally abusive, or find ways to grief in-game. If you encounter those, then email Jay. There have been a small number of examples on this forum in the past.
NP2 does not attract abusive players or griefers in bigger ways like some other games can.