Scanning range not extended at level 2?

I have Scanning 2 but my scan range didn’t extend. Has been like this for about 24 hours?..

Is this a bug or have I missed something?

game url: Neptune's Pride

Hmm I think perhaps I am misunderstanding how the dotted and solid range indicators work… It /seems/ like the solid line is hyperspace range and the dotted line is scan range, but why are they the same distance at different tech levels?

From the in-game research screen:

Stars may scan the infrastructure and strength of enemy carriers and stars up to X+2 light years where X is scanning tech level.

Hyperspace Range
Carriers may make hyperspace jumps up to X+3 light years where X is hyperspace range tech level.

So L2 Scanning gives 2 + 2 = 4ly scanning range. L1 Hyperspace Range gives 1 + 3 = 4ly jump range.

It was right in front of me - how embarassing.

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This is confusing though. Perhaps rather than having a different definition for scanning and range you should start with level 2 range.

I think the difference in ranges between Range and Scanning is appropriate. If you start with HR at Level2 (and change it to +2), then that messed up tech development a bit.

My two cents.

This has a big effect on 2nd production experiments and research in general. In 64 player games the worst experiment you can get is scanning because it starts at L2, if you get it the best option is to forget about becoming a research power in the first week. It’s harder to research than L2 techs but has the same value.

good points.