Scanning should be same as Range for dark start

In a dark start game, you may have stars at the beginning of the game that are outside of your scan range but within your jump range. However, you cannot see this until the game actually begins. I like to set my moves for the start before the game starts just in case we end up with a bad production time. However, there might be a star that you might want to rather jump to for tactical purposes.

Why should I have to wait for the game to start to see that star? If it is a private/custom game, okay. But standard games should have scanning range = jump range in some way.

Per the conversation in this thread: Show the galaxy without player colours/shapes before a game starts - #13 by Brian_Flowers

Dark Start should be replaced by a hidden start option. Once you commit to playing the game by selecting an empire, you get to see your stars, but don’t see any other empire placement until the game begins. That would allow you to set up what you need to, without messing with scanning settings.