Scarface Lord question


So the text on this card reads "When in a settlement, scarface may force each civilian to make a 2% saving throw or be destroyed. Earn 1 valour for every civilian killed. So do you earn 1 valour for every civilian that is destroyed or makes the save? because a 2% save roll means they are highly likely to die with very little actually surviving and giving you a ton of valour if used in a decently populated city unless there is a cap to how much valour you can get. So i’m not sure if i’m just understanding the mechanics of it wrong or if it’s a typo or if that is actually how it’s intended to be used.


Oops yes, I guess it should should say 98% saving throw, because there is 2 percent chance of being destroyed.

Perhaps I should think of a completely different way to saying this.

I just just about to go through some heroes and add an armour saving throw to a bunch of units that don’t have an existing power so I should get this terminology sorted out!


When I looked at this today I found it was broken anyway.

I’ve changed it so that you just make a normal ranged attack on a friendly unit, and get a point of valour for every kill.


So this can no longer be used on settlement populations, only on army units?


Every time I see the Scarface Lord… this gets stuck in my head:

When a problem comes along… you must Whip It!