Screenshots Needed!

@WinWinIrwin needs some awesome screenshots of Triton for a piece on KillScreen. Got any good ones?

Not sure if I’m late but here are a few from a recent game, showing me sweeping across the map:

This is one of my favorites from a 64 player game I was in a while back. I was expanding eastward and after “bringing peace” to a region of space I’d just concentrate all the ship production on one unstoppable point which would become my speartip into the next region.

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Lol here is my fav, wish I’d named the carrier :smiley:

Thanks for these guys. Great shots!

Maybe too late, but didn’t want to post these whilst the game was playing out. Quite a lot going on here so thought it would be good. 2 different zoom levels:

Here is me attacking the AI. I gathered all my ships to head to 1 star.

Call this going vendetta