Screenshots without any personal information

Hi there!
I’ve been playing Neptune’s Pride with friends and we are making a little “Galaxy News” on discord, with the recent events, but it would be nice to have a way to take screenshots of the map without any personal information (like warp gates and my scan range).
Is that possible?


An easy workaround is using @Dsyp’s API tracker at

You can make an account and load your game using the game number from the URL and the API code in options. The ‘See Map’ button on his page will show the map without any personal info. You’ll just have to load a new API code every time you want to refresh the tracker.

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You don’t need to load a new code. Just got the “update data” button and it will refresh.

Also it can give you a shareable link for the map and stats.

Exactly. Another great feature lets you see how the map developed in retrospect (if you “update data” regularly).

Thank you!
This works perfectly, now I can post my “Galactic News” without worry of other players spying on me :sweat_smile:

How does one generate an API code?

Go to the options page on your game and scroll up the bottom.

Note that API codes are game specific, and if for whatever reason you generate a new one it will disable the old key

Thanks. :slight_smile: