"Scuttle" command for in-flight carriers

I’ve been playing Neptune’s Pride for a few years now, and have been involved in many informal alliances. I’ve encountered several cases over that time where I’ve set a carrier’s route through several systems, gone to bed for the night, and woken up to find one of my allies has already claimed a star via their own routing that was also in my routing. My carrier hasn’t reached the star yet, and I don’t want to cause undue loss of resources on both sides or inadvertently start a new conflict with an ally who’s somewhat suspicious of me (for whatever reason). I’ve also encountered cases where I’ve decided to give up one or more of my stars to an ally to give them a path through to a common enemy, but there are carriers already en route.

Since carriers can’t be redirected in mid-jump, would it be possible to issue a command to scuttle or self-destruct the carrier and its ships? Obviously, the player would have to confirm the action, much like destroying a warp gate or abandoning a star. I’m not sure if it should have limits on it, though, such as it can’t be done on a carrier with more than X ships on it, or you can’t scuttle more than X carriers in a given cycle. That latter one might be a good idea to prevent excessive use if someone’s account gets hacked, but I don’t think you’d want to limit it to 1 like is done with abandoning stars.


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Hello @Henh-Ti, Sorry for taking so long to get back to you! I missed your post last week.

This is not a crazy idea. I’ll add it to the list of todo’s.


No worries about the delay in responding. I’m in software development myself and I understand how busy things can be.

Do you have any sense of what, if any, kind of limits you might put on the use of the feature? You might even want to consider making it a feature that can be turned on/off for customized games.