See player's home star

Why is it possible to find out which one is a player’s home star?
(Let’s play a quiz: Who knows how it’s done? ;-))

In certain games, I can prepare an attack to “snipe” this star which gives me an unfair advantage over other players who aren’t familiar with the UI. So I’d like to hear your opinion.

I don’t see how the advantage is unfair if it’s caused be being unfamiliar with the UI. New players may not know about the Intel screen for example. People should just learn the UI - though the UI can always be made clearer to help people become familiar.

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The way I do it, I double click on my avatar icon, put my finger on my homeworld, then double click on the icon of the other player. Is there a way to avoid using my finger I don’t know about ? :smile:


Well, that’s exactly the method I’m using! :smirk:

um, you guys know you just have to double click their avatars to center in on their home star, right?

I have no idea what or how ya’ll are using your “finger” here…but I just double click the icon to see the home star.

If by center you mean ~45% from left and ~33% from top. If many systems are nearby, it can be hard to tell which one it is without a precise point of reference, at least for me.

It isnt centered if you are on full zoom?

Still off center even on full zoom, but easier to tell since other systems are going to be even more off center. I find it faster to not zoom/unzoom and just “finger” it :wink:

On a desktop device, yes. However, on my Chrome Mobile this doesn’t work.

EDIT: In fact, I didn’t see that it still centers in the background and that I would have to click away the side menu.

Leaderboard buttons.

I know.

Really? Strange. My Android works fine… I think :confused:

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