Sent Folder

I am new here, so the feature I want may just be hiding! Is there a sent folder for messages that have been sent, but not yet answered? If not, might it be an improvment to have one?

Thanks in advance.

No, there is not a “Sent folder”. NP2 diplomacy email system flows threads like a stream of thoughts, except without videos, nor photos.

in other words, if you’ve sent a message but no one has answered it will still be in your messages page.

Many thanks Kaine. For the benefit of sophont species with less than 2 brains, where might a newbie like myself find my own unanswered messages?

The same place where you typed them in. Shortcut key “I” is the Diplomacy Inbox.
It make no difference whether the message were answered or not, they all flow together in threads.

You wrote a message, and it was sent out if you also provided recipients. The recipients Diplomacy Inbox received your messages, but that player might not yet have seen them, or may has seen them but has not replied back to you.


Thanks for your patience and help all. A slight lag in the message system (and my own megalomania - lol) gave me the impression that I wasn’t seeing my outgoing messages as fast as I was entitled to!

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It may help to keep in mind that reloading/refreshing the page is sometimes necessary to update all of the information. But beware of doing this too soon after you issue commands or build infrastructure, because it can take a few seconds for your orders to be applied (where you see your $$$ will say “loading” when this is happening), so if you rush to reload the page you might cancel an order you made in the last few seconds. Welcome to the NP universe! :slight_smile: