Ship looping delay

What is the best way to set a looping ship between stars when you want to have a ship coming each tick? I put delays on like 20 ships each increasing by 1 hour, but when it lands the delay is still kept there and the loop is all messed up. Do you have to check in each hour make one ship, add loop, and wait for the next hour to make a chain? There has to be a better way?

I have a few thoughts on this.

  1. If you are adding a carrier every tick to the loop, the cost adds up quickly. Consider warping the destination and arrival star so that you only need 1/3 the number of carriers you would otherwise need - not only does it reduce the amount of cash you spend on carriers, but it also gets your ships to the front line sooner.
  2. Unfortunately it is not possible to order some ‘premoves’ before the carrier automatically starts looping. So what I do in this situation is to add the delay orders before the desired looping orders, but not tell the carrier to loop. Then I come back in 5-10 hours (as appropriate depending on the situation) to view the carrier orders, add any orders to the loop that might have already been fulfilled and thus removed from the list, and to press the button so that the carrier will loop.
  3. Finally, I am of the view that having a carrier every tick isn’t the most efficient way to spend your cash. I aim to have a carrier every 5 ticks or every 6 ticks, depending on the game, and build up the loops between stars to the point where the arrival on one star is synced with the departure of that same star, all the way through the network.

Hope you found some of these suggestions useful!

I appreciate the tips for workarounds but I feel like it could be much simpler to just have the option to turn off the delay on looping orders once it one loop has been completed. Since the game is all about strategy and long-time planning there should be an option to make pre-moves like this.

I find it surprising that this issue has not been adressed before, or at least, an option implemented to give players who want to do it a possibility to do so.