Should you get banking and experimentation if you have no stars?

I realize this is an unusual situation, but hear me out:

I’m playing for the first time in a symmetrical map with friends (8 players). I got tag-teamed by two neighbors and made an agreement with one of my neighbor’s neighbors to receive “asylum” and make my way towards another ally to set up a “city-state.”

There are two reasons why, knowing I can’t win or place, I wanted to do this:

  1. Spite. Both of my friends who attacked me wanted to see me eliminated, but instead one of them has been and another is about to be.
  2. To use my banking and any experimentation to help my allies until the game ends.

Here is an illustration of my journey.

Keeping my end of the arrangement, I’ve been abandoning stars as I safely leave them, paying with banking along the way for the inconvenience.

Now, however, I find myself at the beginning of a new day having received no banking or experimentation. Presumably this is because I don’t currently own a star.

This seems like an awful shame, as I am very much still alive.

Banking and experimentation is useless with no stars. You will have no science or income built and cannot advance. This also means you cannot research anything. Do not abandon stars at all. You need all the stars you can get. I think you are pretty much screwed in that game and would be better off starting a new game. You might be able to keep 1 star if you ask another player and at least get some rank points but there is not much else you can do.

When you do start a new game, the main thing you want to do is expand to other stars. You need a good economy to do this. Adding a few points into research is a good idea too. Industry is a good idea to defend yourself. It will probably take a few games before you get the hang of things. I would advise working on Hyperspace Range to start with so you can expand to other stars faster. Trade tech with other players and make alliances. Work together. Without allies or some type of diplomacy, you cannot win. Try a few games to get a good idea of how to play the game. Look at the in game help too.

Did you even read what I said?

You should have at least one star. I didn’t know you could abandon your last star, when your fleet is on it.

I abandoned it after I left and before I got to the star I was given. Production occurred before I arrived.

I think that as long as you haven’t been eliminated you should get your banking and experimentation.

It seems Jason didn’t read what you wrote. :smile: I have experienced what you describe and it seems to be intended to work that way, although I expected, as you did, to receive banking income at least. We’ll see what Jay says if he is open to changing that.

If you got banking when you have no stars couldn’t someone just keep sending money to people even after they have been eliminated from the game?

I was surprised the first time I encountered this. I gave an ally passage to the heart of my space to allow them safety. The original intent was to help them get to a spot where we could attack a different enemy together, and he could start growing again. As it was a three day journey, we encountered a cycle without a star on the second day. It surprised us, but makes perfect sense. Why would you get income or science experimentation if your whole civilization is crammed on a starship?

I think a player should get a minimum of $75 for banking. No experimentation should be possible if a player has no stars. As long as the player has a carrier or at least 1 star they should keep getting money. I do not think a player should be rewarded with science if they abandon all their stars for a long trip. They do need money to start up again and they might not have enough money to build on a star. In this case they are screwed. With no way to make money, they cannot advance and they just have to wait for someone to wipe them out. A $75 minimum amount for banking even if you do not have stars should be a good starting amount.

Perhaps my money was invested off-world in the Galactic Central Bank. As for experimentation drops, nobody would abandon their scientists, there are research labs on my carriers!

You don’t need money when you have no stars though. You will get your banking bonus first Production after you get to your new home. That gives you money to build if you didn’t save any before you lost your last star.

It was money to be sent to an ally :slight_smile: My goal at that point was to end the game with 1 star and to use my banking to fund that ally. I was eventually successful, at least:

It could be true that you don’t need money if you have no stars and this is a fairly obscure and not hugely important case that is getting a lot of debate, but… I assumed I would get banking $ at production even with no stars since help says:

On production, earn an additional X*$75 where X is banking tech level.
Banking allows you to make money, regardless of the infrastructure on your stars.

So, I can have 0 econ (and 0 stars), and if I read this right, I should still get cash.

All that to say though: if you are down to one or 0 stars, then who cares? You’ve lost. :smile:

It would be nice to have $75 for banking even if you don’t have a star but it gives an unfair advantage. You are still going to be a lot weaker than other players and you will probably be wiped out easily. Unless you have a big army on your carriers you won’t get anywhere. There are more important things to worry about in the meantime. It is already determined the person has no chance of winning if they lose all their stars so it will not affect the gameplay much. I also think someone getting $75 a turn then sending it to an ally when they have no stars can be considered unfair gameplay. A person can just hop around the galaxy while being protected by their allies. If anything, the wording in the game help should be reworded to prevent confusion. The banking is fine how it is.