Show LOS/Area of effect range


If you got enough mana and no cooldown, you can activate an area of effect ability and see, how many units actually are targetable. If one of this requirement is not fulfilled, you are lost. Or perhaps just I am lost. I like to have a circle drew around the unit I click on. This will help me to see the range attack range. And now I can easily see at any time, if I can attack my target or how many steps approx. the enemy/my unit have to walk to get in range. For the ‘steps approx.’ I got a second idea in mind. I’ll write it down in another topic to not mix stuff up that much. That could also help e.g. to see how far away the Lord of Destruction is with his Walls of Death ability. It’s a bit annoying to click on the card, check the x leagues range info and trying to count the leagues. Thus it is not exactly n leagues. Sometimes I had units in range to fire that should not be in range by counting the leagues. I get a bit confused on the real range, that’s why this circle can be handy.


I like the first idea because it saves you a few clicks. If I follow you, when you click on your unit any enemy within range of it’s special ability will already have the red & white bullseye (or something similar) on it.

The “steps approx” might be a little too cumbersome though. As well, I also kinda like the estimation aspect of the game which creates suspense. Estimation is critical factor for a lot of quality tabletop games such as Warhammer.


A range ring is on my todo list!


Bunny24 has a awesome idea, actually. Ring isn’t so important, really (and it IS cumbersome. I can imagine my smartphone whining on getting another peace of DOM element to draw and script to calculate.), Though some icon, showing, that something is in range and can be attacked, would save time.
Also, I understand that range is leagues and isn’t circle but hexagonal, if I’m not mistaken. Archers hit exactly all close triangles. As there’s no other type of movement, then circle simply is not needed. Hexagonal range is viable option, imo.


Yeah, I like the icon idea, but I might do the ring as well because thats what people will expect. I think doing both is OK.

Ive been holding off doing it because I want something a little more complicated where you can measure from any point to any other point and find out how many leagues it is. That way you can use it to do a little planning.