Silent Galaxy


Hello all,

First time poster here.

Great game, well done.

One thing I don’t like about the game is communications. I think there should be an option for silent galaxies - No tech trading, no alliances, no communication whatsoever. I think the communication and sharing is this games single greatest downfall.

I just played a great game, I was on track to be in the last few players, I did it completely on my own, but skill level really doesn’t count for much in this game, it gets trumped by alliances, formal or informal, and by tech trading. I see this as a problem in so far as there’s no option selectable for silent galaxies.

I’d be interested in purchasing the game, but the communicability is unfortunately a game weakness, not a game strength, i.m.h.o.


Ps. let me know if you add that option in, i’d be a lifetime player if it comes about.


Buy the premier membership. Then you can set up games against single opponents.

Keep in mind that most players are very keen to the advantages of trading. The communications help set up alliances and back stabbing betrayals.


You could set up a game with very expensive scanning tech and make only trading within scanning range possible? And expensive trading cost.

Its an interesting idea to have no communications at all though.


Diplomacy, trading, betrayal- those are all cornerstones of the game. It is a skill to make alliances, break other alliances, subtly manipulate other players and entire other wars you don’t actually have ships in. The diplomacy side can make or break the number-crunching side of infrastructure and ship count if you don’t nurture good relationships with the other real people in the game.


In all NP2 games, 1st place player earns 100% rank, 2nd place player earns 50% rank, 3rd place player earns 25% rank, and all remaining non-AFK players earn 1 rank.
In all games, victory conditions may be 66%, 50%, 33%, 25% of all stars in the galaxy.

While it is possible to win a game as a powerful badass lone-wolf, galactic overlord, there is actually room to take a few allies along with you towards winning the game.
Managing an alliance requires some diplomacy skills that are beyond lone-wolf warmongering.
Sometimes players can learn from each other to improve 4X wargaming skills. MUHAHAHAHA !!!

Chess is intellectual and has strict rules about cheating, but historically in real warfare, for example, WW1, WW2, or other minor conflicts, there are other less direct activities, such as intelligence gathering, pushing subtle political agendas, influencing the enemies of my enemies with false information to help my cause, etc. . .
Most of these indirect social activities require some form of communication.

As you play the game, other players may get to know you and your play style. Each player builds up and earns a reputation. Some players may give you renown. Other generous premium players might buy badges for your profile. Many players wear their badges with pride. Some players like to show off their bad reputation. HA HA !! These social activities are provided in the game. Some of these can influence how players react towards you in combat.

NP2 help file about badges

Even the Internet has become a somewhat social place, with YouTube comments, blog reviews of movies, restaurant reviews, commentaries about games. It takes skill to sift through all that information to determine what is true and what is false, and what is deficient, or something else.

Why are you socializing on this forum ? HA HA !!
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