Slightly different colors


So I posted an animation of the Quake game here. As Myk pointed out in the game (he’s playing Panda Bear - Blue Square), it’s hard to see his expansion against DM6 who is Blue Circle.

More importantly, even though the shape is different, the same color can sometimes be confusing … and I’ve accidentally made decisions because of that. This is especially easy when zoomed out and/or when fleets/stars are bunched together.

I think a REALLY easy solution would be to slightly change the RGB values to better distinguish between the players of the same colors. I.e. Blue can still be blue, just make it slightly varying shades.

What 'ya think @JayKyburz?


Yeah, good idea. I bet it would help the 64 player games a lot (along with all the shapes as well).


Yep, This is something I could play with quite easily. I just need to make a small adjustment to each row in this sprite sheet.

I suspect that the colours would need to be really different for you to be really able to tell them apart, at that might start to create other issues.