Slow Gaming

An interesting article on Slow Gaming and Neptune’s Pride.

@JayKyburz , I noticed that some games listed in the “User Created Games” section will sometimes sit there waiting for months to fill up.

However, I created a game in 2014NOV, and 10 of 24 players are still having fun. It is dark, Turn Based, 48 hours submit, 6 tick jumps, EDIT custom map 24L , and this game filled up in maybe less than two weeks. I think there are a lot of busy people who want to play NP2, but just do not have the time to handle a faster paced game. You can look at my game settings. low stress

I suggest that if you make something like this as a standard game, more players might get involved.

I remember this post :

That Intel iQ tech culture magazine blog site was down for a few days, but now it is back up !

Slow Gaming, the Cultural Antidote to Angry Birds